Mariah Germplasm Hooded Windmillgrass

Mariah Germplasm Hooded Windmillgrass

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Planting Rate: ⅓ to ⅔ pounds PLS per acre

Latin Name: Chloris cucullata Bisch.

Longevity: Perennial

Season: Warm

Origin: Native


  • Hooded windmillgrass is a native, perennial bunchgrass with a mature foliage height ranging from 0.5-1 foot. 
  • Produces seed heads from May through October.
  • Unlike most hooded windmillgrass populations, Mariah Germplasm also spreads vegetatively by stolons.
  • Recommended for use in roadside plantings, critical site revegetation, and rangeland seed mixes.
  • Can be used in many types of conservation plantings, such as grassed waterways, riparian buffers, filter strips, and pond embankments.