Chapparal Germplasm Hairy Grama

Chapparal Germplasm Hairy Grama

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Planting Rate: 1-2 pounds PLS

Latin Name: Bouteloua hirsuta Lab. var. hirsuta

Longevity: Perennial

Season: Warm

Origin: Native


  • Adapted to the South Texas area
  • Low-growing, dense bunchgrass that grows 1-2.5 feet tall
  • Plants produce multiple seed heads, each bearing a spike containing 18-70 seeds.
  • Will flower and produce seeds throughout the year.
  • Developed for use in highway rights-of-way seeding, native rangeland restoration, and wildlife plantings in the Rio Grande Plains of Texas.
  • Plantings should be deferred from grazing or disturbance for 1 year after planting.
  • Good to fair grazing value, depending on range site and soil type.
  • Mowing or burning old growth while dormant helps to stimulate seed and forage production. Can be mowed to 4 inches with no adverse effects.