Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix

Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix

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30%  Lometa Indiangrass
30%  Coastal Plains Little Bluestem
20%  Guadalupe Germplasm White Tridens
10%  Cibolo Germplasm Little Barley
5%  Cajun Sunrise Ashy Sunflower 
5%  Crockett Germplasm Herbaceous Mimosa

Blend composition subject to change based on availability

10 lbs. per acre


This is a newly-created collection of native grasses that can be grown in the 8-County Gulf-Houston Region. It provides many benefits to the region including:

  • Erosion Control (particularly along riparian corridors)

  • Significantly enhanced water absorption (helps replace thirsty, low survivability non-native grasses)

  • Improved habitat for wildlife, pollinators and people

  • Increased resilience to climate-related changes in the region

This blend is made possible through the RANSM Coalition. Bamert Seed Company is a proud member of the coalition an we appreciate our partners efforts in improving the ecosystem function in the Gulf-Houston Region.